New work

Invisible Man

This video offers a rough sketch in 3D and to scale of how the dynamics and feel of this new performance might look. 

Based on the Artists third book Spirit World, this is the first in a series of live public performances which explore shamanic themes developed in this book.

The Artist may present this performace solo or with a group. When presented by multiple performers they cover every strata of society, all going about their business with periods of normality, confusion occasionally being subtly controlled by the entity above them.

A group of performers will spread across 500 metres through the cityscape, coming together and interacting occasionally over the performance period for some choreographed set pieces.

The wearable sculptures will be made of lightweight collapsable materials for ease of transport and the semi-human figures carried above each performer may be illuminated by self powered lights for nighttime performances.

Performers do not speak or explain what they are doing.

Performance duration 1-4 hours.